Here in the pages of this website, you will find information regarding Mistress Katherine and Her highly developed and uniquely beautiful BDSM Tantra session.

You will also find information regarding the Classic Tantric Massage session, for those of you who would prefer to exclude BDSM from equation. View Sessions Offered page to find out more.



BDSM Tantra combines the exquisite art of Tantra and Tantric Massage with the equally exquisite art of sensual BDSM and Domination.

In a BDSM Tantra session, the esoteric collides with the erotic and sensuality is infused with erotic pain.

BDSM Tantra focuses on real Tantra practices.

Together we will practice Tantric breathing.

The aim of rhythmic Tantric breathing is to raise the vibration in the body, channeling our sexual energy deep in to the sex centre at the base of the spine, and back up through the heart centre located in the centre of the chest. This is theTantric visualisation used while breathing, connecting Sexual energy with Heart energy.

Sitting together in the Yab-Yum pose, and rocking gently back and forth, we will exchange breath, breathing rhythmically, synchronising our energies.

The Yab-Yum pose is a seated position where the female faces the male and wraps her legs around his waist, straddling him/her weight on him, or her bum on the bed/weightless, whichever is more comfortable for the male. Mistress Katherine will be in charge and direct you on exactly what to do.

Tantric breathing is used to raise the energy in the body, and the tantric massage is used to stimulate blood flow to the surface of the body, heating the body up, using rhythmic flowing strokes.

This type of Tantric Massage coupled with Lingham Massage, leads to a more Full Body Orgasm.

The exchange of breath will be done face to face and maintaining eye contact, which in Tantra is called Soul Gazing, as the eyes are considered the windows to the soul.

Eye contact in Tantra practice is also called Eye Gazing, and is considered high level intimacy.

You will be taken on a guided meditation, the aim of which is to initiate you as Shiva, whom in Tantra represents the embodiment of Male sexual energy. Mistress Katherine will represent Shakti, a Goddess whom represents the embodiment of Female sexuality and the Power of the Feminine.

After the guided Meditation, you will be taken on a BDSM Tantra Sensory Journey.

Incorporated will be the BDSM elements that you have already discussed with Mistress Katherine during your initial conversation by phone. The sensory Journey that Mistress Katherine takes you on, as your Dominant Tantric Godess, will be like nothing you have experienced before.

Mistress Katharine is a Goddess of Tantric Massage and is an officially Qualified Tantric Therapist.

Tantric Massage is performed using long strokes to further raise the vibrational energy in the body.

The massage can be a light handed flow focusing on the Feminine Touch, or a deeper tension releasing massage, focused on the stronger more Dominant touch.

Body to Body is an important element of Mistress Katherine’s BDSM Tantra session.

This is the ingredient that makes this session so special. The feeling of the female form, strong and firm, smooth skin, slowly and seductively sliding up your body. This is the peak of the Sensory Journey. The Lingham massage being the explosive realisation of all the sexual energy that has been created between Shiva and Shakti.

Lingham Massage can be used throughout the session as a form of tease and denial and/or building the sexual energy in the body. At other times Lingham massage is performed only towards the end of the session, a powerful experience of ecstasy and love.

Do not worry if early ejaculation is something you experience or if you are just highly sensitive.
Part of Mistress Katherines Tantra Therapist training, and her practical experience, has been centred around ejaculation control techniques, and she has had great success in healing clients who have expressed a desire to gain control over their ejaculation.

The Techniques that Mistress Katherine uses are old Taoist techniques, specific to Lingham Massage. These exercises are Breathing combined with Touch Control and learning how to use and Strengthen the PC muscles, to avoid early ejaculation. Also how to induce internal orgasms and use holding back an ejaculation to your advantage. This is also how multiple orgasm is achieved.

The BDSM practices that best suited to be incorporated in to the BDSM part of the BDSM Tantra session are:

CBT, Sensual nipple play and/or Nipple Torture, Bondage; light or tight restraint, Flogging, Caning, Spanking, light cross dressing such as stockings and knickers, orgasm control/denial or forced orgasm, sensual face slapping and spitting, foot worship, blindfolds, gags, leather cuffs or Silk.

The sweetest part of this journey is that you will be seduced by Mistress Katherines Tantric skills and ability, and simultaneously be under her complete control as she Dominates you.

What will Her next move be as she slides over your body, her breath settling on your neck? Will She first tease, then tightly clamp your nipples between her nails? Will she begin by giving you exquisite Lingham massage and then wrap your balls tightly in rope and torture them, switching back and forth between the sensual and the sadistic?

The things Mistress Katherine will do to you, will of course have already been discussed by phone, as already stated above. However Mistress Katherine will be in control and in charge of how these Fetish elements will be incorporated. All you have to do, is surrender to Her.

There is a unique beauty to the type of submission that you will experience during this highly developed session. Mistress Katherine has spent many years studying and perfecting her very own approach to Tantra that has now enabled her to take her first and foremost passion of BDSM and Fetish to the next level of connection with her submissive.

You do not need to be submissive to do this session. The BDSM Tantra session can be an exploration of Tantra and Tantric Massage without the incorporation of BDSM  activity. However you will still be in the presence of a powerful Goddess and completely surrender to her, willingly taking her hand as she gently guides you on a journey in to sensory bliss.

You will be in the highly skilled, safe sane and consensual hands of Mistress Katherine and you will be subjected to the most wonderfully exciting and exquisite session ever developed.

It does not get any better than this.

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